Established in the year 2006, Assetz Property Group emerges as a distinguished luminary in the realm of real estate development in Bangalore, India. Holding a prominent stance among international developers in the nation, Assetz presents an exceptional portfolio, currently overseeing the development of more than 10 million square feet. Headquartered in Singapore, Assetz operates as a versatile entity in real estate development and asset management, comprising four distinctive business verticals: Commercial, Residential, Warehousing, and Fund Management.

The core of Assetz’s philosophy revolves around the concept of “Enhanced Design,” a principle deeply ingrained in exhaustive research. This commitment to excellence permeates their properties in Bangalore, influencing every aspect of construction—from master planning and development strategy to architecture, location, property management, and minutiae such as hinges, tiles, and square inches.

In the domain of builders and developers in Bangalore, Assetz has entrenched itself as a preeminent name. Noteworthy is the company’s contribution to the establishment of two world-class IT tech parks in Bangalore: Vrindavan Tech Village (now Embassy Tech Village), India’s inaugural Platinum LEED certified IT SEZ, and Global Technology Park. Furthermore, Assetz’s residential portfolio encompasses ten projects strategically situated across significant areas in Bangalore.

The Fund Management facet of Assetz has ascended as a top performer in the real estate fund management sector, consistently delivering elevated alpha returns compared to its counterparts. Assetz has attained the distinction of a preferred collaborator for private equity funds, having successfully concluded over 13 private equity investments and nine exits to date. This stellar track record attests to the company’s professionalism and its commitment to challenging conventions through innovative approaches.

Embarking on an upward trajectory of growth, Assetz Property Group positions itself as one of the rapidly advancing real estate developers in the nation. Their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and strategic alliances solidifies their standing as a formidable force in the intricate landscape of Indian real estate.

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